"Accessible, inspiring and accelerating; a powerhouse of innovation and impact."

Our Mission

We serve scale-ups, the industry and the energy transition by:

  • Mobilizing energy & offshore
  • Accelerating innovative tech companies
  • Facilitating high-impact partnerships

We're in it together. Successful adaption of innovative technology is based on combined effort, on pooled knowledge, co-creation and team performance. Together, we materialize change and impact.


Custom approach, network entry, market insight, client meetings, HSE and more. At Buccaneer, focus is on you. Every business is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all package. In contrast, we are an expert sparring partner and provide in-depth assistance that is fully optimized at growing your company.

To the Accelerator

"A place for innovation to flourish, materialize and become impact."


Energy Talks&Drinks

Innovation in the spotlights. Every first Thursday of the month, we host the 'Energy Talks&Drinks': an accessible industry event in which new innovative technologies and companies are presented to our extensive community. Chat, meet, discuss, participate. This is an open event; feel free to sign up and become involved.

Excelling the Industry Together

In cooperation with the Buccaneer Network; our extensive industry network, we empower young, innovative technologies and spur their growth and market adaptation. Due to our function as mediator and catalyst, we are exposed to a continual influx of technological developments and valorization opportunities.
Accelerators, industry players and institutes of knowledge – offices, meeting rooms and industry events – it all comes together in Delft.